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Marinel's Mission

The Marinel Foundation is a charitable organisation that has been established to advance the education and livelihood of socio-economically disadvantaged children. Our mission is to support children and schools by providing much-needed funding for resources such as books, computers, classrooms, food and sponsored/free educational scholarships. Marinel Foundation operates throughout the UK and Ghana.


The Marinel Foundation has set itself on a mission to achieve two of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 


As a charity, we align strongly towards achieving the two SDG goals above which will provide sustainable development and growth to UK, Ghana and in extension the continent of Africa. As many children in Ghana and the UK lack the basic necessities to live comfortably day to day, achieving the SDGs has become a significant part of the foundation's ethos as we aspire to eradicate poverty and provide quality education to children.

Marinel News

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